About Georgie 

Georgie Thomas is passionate in changing the lives of others through fitness, health and exercise physiology. Georgie began her journey of weight loss in early 2012 when she applied her knowledge from studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) which covered a variety of areas such as Physiology, Nutrition and Exercise Prescription. After graduating from this degree, Georgie decided to continue her studies and is now in her final year of Post Graduate Clinical Exercise Physiology to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. 

Georgie weighed 79kgs when she decided it was time to change her life around and start feeling and looking like a better person. There is no secret pill that allowed Georgie to lose 20kgs, it took hard work, motivation, a change in diet and exercise.  

What sets Georgie apart from many personal trainers is that she once was overweight and unhappy with her appearance. Georgie knows what it is like to work hard to achieve goals and most of all, she can understand how challenging it can be both physically and mentally. Therefore, Georgie can give you the best support you need throughout your journey to help achieve your goals and become a better, happier you. 

 If you need help achieving your goals and want to become a better you, please contact Georgie through the contact page now.