New Year, New You. by Georgie Thomas

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and an even better New Years, I know I did but it is time to get back into the swing of things.  My aim over the holiday period was to maintain my weight, I did a great job over Christmas however, I let myself slip over New Years as I was away and enjoyed my trip with all of my amazing friends, with no worries in the world. It is very interesting how easy and quickly you can fall back into bad habits of eating bad foods, skipping meals and worst of all, skipping training! In saying this, it is understandable at this time of year, as you need to enjoy yourself, relax and have fun! However, it is time to re-focus, set new goals for the year and start making a difference!

I personally put on 2 kilos over the holiday period and this was expected as I haven’t trained properly for two weeks and I have eaten everything I have wanted to over the New Year period. I need a detox! My break was amazing and I needed it more than ever to recoup for what hopefully will be a big year ahead. It was great at the time eating amazing foods and relaxing however, my body is making me feel for it! I now have a real understanding of how foods affect your body. Although two kilos does not seem like much and realistically I know I will be back to my goal weight in 2-3 weeks, these bad foods including saturated fats and sugar have caused my stomach to bloat and change shape dramatically. This shows how important it is to eat the right type of food, especially if you want a flat and toned stomach! Not only do I feel a difference visually but on the inside as well! Last year I was diagnosed with a small hiatus hernia as my stomach is attached higher to my diaphragm than normal, causing me to have symptoms like an acidic stomach, reflux, burning in my chest and causing extreme discomfort at times. When I was eating clean, avoiding alcohol, drinking plenty of water and training each day my symptoms were relieved to the point I did not have to take my medication each day. However, after these last few weeks of the holiday period my symptoms have returned. I have a constant acidic stomach, reflux and I feel generally drained and unhealthy, motivating me even more to get back to my usual routine!


As of today I am following the same methods I did to get my weight down to 59kgs. I have set new goals for this year and I cannot wait to achieve them. I will be eating clean and avoiding all processed foods, sugar and saturated fats. Foods I will be increasing my intake of are protein and vegetables and I will be making sure I am eating the right TYPE of food at the right TIME of day. Personally I believe that your eating regime is the most important aspect of being healthy but HOW you train is also vital to achieving your goals. Therefore I have set myself a plan of what exercise I’m going to do on each day making sure I still give myself one day off to rest. I like knowing what exercise I need to do each day as it makes it easier to focus and harder to deviate.


I have missed my clients over the holiday period and I am looking forward to seeing you all so we can start planning and achieving your goals for 2014. I am also excited to meet those who will be joining me this year, I cannot wait to help you transform your life and become a better you! For those of you who have a new years resolution to lose weight, don’t be scared, just go for it and imagine how good your going to feel this time next year knowing you have achieved your goals. Find your motivation or inspiration and think of it each day to keep you going. I hope the year brings you everything you wish for and I cannot wait to see what is has in store!


Please feel free to contact me through my contact page if you have any questions. I will keep you all updated on my progress in the next few weeks J.


Georgie xx

I DID IT!! I Have Now Lost 20kgs. by Georgie Thomas

Yesterday 30th November I reached my ultimate goal of losing 20kilos in total before the 1st of December!!!!! I could not believe it when I saw 59 pop up on the scales, I can not remember a time ever in my life that I have weighed this and I have never been happier. It goes to show that hard work and dedication does pay off and you CAN achieve your goals. Here is a photo of me when I weighed high 79's, 69 and now. 


The response I have received from everyone and the amount of support I have had especially in these last two weeks has been incredible and I thank you all so much.

Many people are now asking me, what am I going to do from here? To be honest, I want to learn how to maintain this weight and tone my stomach as that has been my problem area for so long! It was not until this last week that I have noticed a big difference in my stomach, it is amazing how quickly it can change by eating the right type of food and training each day. I still have not consumed any alcohol since my birthday in September and I don't plan to for another two weeks. For those of you who struggle to avoid this, I am telling you it makes such a big difference!! I know it is coming up to that time of the year where you have many functions on but if weight loss is your goal and you are serious about it, avoid drinking alcohol every week and only pick out special occasions that you will let your hair down. I am planning to do this for my work Christmas party at the races in two weeks time as it will also be my last day at uni forever so it is quite a special occasion for me. 

The plan for me now is to keep training like I am, especially because Christmas and New Years are approaching, I want to feel good for summer and not be scared to get into my bathers in front of people like I have been every other year. I am also now going to go on a shopping spree and I am not going to feel guilty about it haha! One thing I have found is that trying on clothes an realising you have dropped a size or two can be a real eye opener to yourself about how much you have changed. There was a point I was still picturing myself as a size 12 but as soon as my clothes sizes dropped, I started to actually realise, wow my body is changing! For the first time I am now fitting size 8's and it feels amazing!! 

Uni and placement are over in two weeks and I can not wait to spend more time with my bootcamp and personal training clients. I am absolutely loving helping others in their journey and I can not wait to see some more fantastic results from my clients. I look forward to see what next year will bring me! 

If any of you need help reaching your goals, please contact me through my contact page. 

Thank you everyone!!! 


1kg Until 20 In Total!! by Georgie Thomas

I am back and I only have 1kg to go!


At the moment I am 1kg off being in the 59kgs which is my goal weight to losing 20 in total! I set this goal to be achieved by the beginning of the December so I am cutting it fine considering there is only one week left, but I am going to try my hardest!!



These last two months have been some of the hardest as I have had to juggle full time placement and study for Exercise Physiology, work at the gym, my personal training clients and 8 Weeks to Fit and Sexy. Since I last posted I was trying hard to focus on my eating as I wasn’t completing all of my cardio sessions, which was frustrating. I was still doing my two PT sessions during the week with Simone but I knew nothing was going to happen unless I was stricter with my food and doing cardio at least 3 times a week. Because of how busy I was, I was tired and became slack on the weekends, instead of having 1 cheat meal I would let myself have two and I had to break myself out of that cycle.


Two weeks ago I still weighed 62.5kgs and nothing was happening, I was extremely frustrated and exhausted. I knew I had to sit down with Simone to reset my thought process, get some support and discuss my eating, training and plan to reach my goal weight loss of 20kilos. Since that discussion and the support from Simone, I have jumped right back on track, I am focused, stricter than I ever have been with my eating and I have trained every day bringing me down to 60.5kgs and hopefully on my way to 59!!!


This week I am making sure I am prepared with my food and cooking in bulk so I don’t need to worry about preparing every meal as that can be time consuming. I will also make sure that I complete all my cardio sessions this week and train hard.  It has been in these last few stages that I have needed some extra support and motivation! No matter how much you know at times, it always helps to have someone give you the confidence to keep going or, to help you restart and focus again. That is what I hope to give all of my personal training clients as well as those who are doing 8 Weeks to Fit and Sexy. It is also why I still have my own trainer to push me and give me that support when I need it. Not everyone is perfect! 

I will get back to you all when I have reached the 20kg mark!!! Hopefully that is soon :) I will also post my recipe for my protein balls as they are perfect for a snack and taste amazing!! 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions through my contact page :) 


My journey, and my next to 59kgs. by Georgie Thomas

Hello Everyone!!!  

I am so excited to have this website up and running and I hope through this blog and my about me, I can help motivate and inspire you all to make a positive lifestyle change. As you would have read in my about me, I have been on the weight loss journey for a while now and went from 79kgs to 63kgs however, 63kgs is not my goal weight 59kgs is!  

I remember when I first decided I needed to start losing weight I made short, medium and long term goals as I was never focused and didn't know what I actually wanted to achieve. Short term being the weight I wanted to lose in 2 weeks, medium being 3 months and long term being my dream weight even if at the time I didn't think it was ever going to happen. I wrote these numbers down, folded it up and I kept in my wallet so I constantly had it on me to remind me. It took me a few weeks to get my act together, I tried a couple of days, then I failed, I then tried for a week, and I failed again. This happened for a while, and now I have learnt how normal it is to stuff up, especially at the beginning and how you can overcome it! 


At the beginning, I found it hard to eat healthily and train hard. I hated the gym, I was scared of it, intimidated by the people that were in them and embarrassed at how unfit I was. Because of this, I focused on my eating first as I found it too hard to change both my diet and exercise at the same time. I was on a higher protein diet, I found it hard at times as I was low on energy but it was working, what I didn't know if I was losing body fluid or body fat! A few months went past, I had so many stuff ups and I got to a point where I was that annoyed with myself with not making a change, I felt horrible and finally I decided, I need to do this and I need to do it properly. Even though I knew it was going to be hard, I knew I was going to feel and look better and thats all that mattered to me at that moment. It was from that point I became super strict with my eating, I recorded everything I ate for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, after noon snack and dinner, and that was when I lost my first bout of 7kgs. 

After a while I started to plateau, I wasn't losing anymore weight and I just started working at the gym. I was in my 3rd year of Human Movement and I had the knowledge to know, I needed to start exercising my body to change it again. I worked in the gym for three months before I got the confidence to start training there, I didn't have the motivation to train myself hard so, I trained with one of the personal trainers there, Simone Weeks who I now run 8 Weeks to Fit and Sexy with! She helped in so many ways to give me my confidence back and to make me feel comfortable in the gym. I then reset my goals and wrote them down again, I wanted to reach 65kgs for my 21st birthday. To do this I did three personal training sessions a week as well as three cardio sessions, making sure I had one day off. It was hard at times, but it paid off.

I got to 66kgs for my 21st (September 2012), which I was still happy with but I knew I didn't want to stop there. I slacked off a few weeks after my birthday and was fluctuating around 66-69kgs, I then reached that point again where I wanted to go hard at it and lose more weight again. I went strict with my diet and I trained hard mixing up between high intensity cardio and heavy weights which seemed to be working. I stuffed up so many times, I love food, and I crave bad foods all the time, who doesn't? This is what I struggle with the most! When I am being strict I would only allow myself to have one cheat meal a week, that includes alcohol, this was tough at this point as I was enjoying going out with my friends all the time! Even though I had moments that I stuffed up, I just had to start becoming consistent with my diet and exercise so I knew for a solid few months I had to have no stuff ups to achieve what I wanted to. 

I went a couple of months without drinking, I trained hard, I ate well and I enjoyed my cheat meals and on the 5th August (2013) I got down to 63kgs!!!! Since August I have got down to a further 61kgs but, I have slackened off as I had my birthday again, I have gone out and enjoyed myself for a few weeks and now I am ready to get back into it and get down to my final goal weight of 59kgs, making my weight loss a total of 20kgs which was originally my long term goal. 

Through this blog, I am now going to keep you all updated on these last few kilos I have to lose as I am now finding this last bout the hardest. I will document how I am going, how much I weigh, how I battle my weekends, I'll probably have a few stuff ups along the way but most of all I will attempt to get over them. Who knows if I will actually get to 59kgs but I'm going to give it a good go, I want to do it before December!

I weighed myself today and I am currently 62.5kgs, I enjoyed myself over the October long weekend but now I am going to make sure I feel good for Summer and hopefully can achieve this next goal! I hope a few of you also make a goal for the beginning of December so we can do this together! I'll keep you all updated on how I am going, food I eat and exercises I do along the way. Good luck for those of you who are also going to make a goal for December and, feel free to contact me at any time through my contact page if you need help achieving thisl!  

Georgie xx