My journey, and my next to 59kgs. / by Georgie Thomas

Hello Everyone!!!  

I am so excited to have this website up and running and I hope through this blog and my about me, I can help motivate and inspire you all to make a positive lifestyle change. As you would have read in my about me, I have been on the weight loss journey for a while now and went from 79kgs to 63kgs however, 63kgs is not my goal weight 59kgs is!  

I remember when I first decided I needed to start losing weight I made short, medium and long term goals as I was never focused and didn't know what I actually wanted to achieve. Short term being the weight I wanted to lose in 2 weeks, medium being 3 months and long term being my dream weight even if at the time I didn't think it was ever going to happen. I wrote these numbers down, folded it up and I kept in my wallet so I constantly had it on me to remind me. It took me a few weeks to get my act together, I tried a couple of days, then I failed, I then tried for a week, and I failed again. This happened for a while, and now I have learnt how normal it is to stuff up, especially at the beginning and how you can overcome it! 


At the beginning, I found it hard to eat healthily and train hard. I hated the gym, I was scared of it, intimidated by the people that were in them and embarrassed at how unfit I was. Because of this, I focused on my eating first as I found it too hard to change both my diet and exercise at the same time. I was on a higher protein diet, I found it hard at times as I was low on energy but it was working, what I didn't know if I was losing body fluid or body fat! A few months went past, I had so many stuff ups and I got to a point where I was that annoyed with myself with not making a change, I felt horrible and finally I decided, I need to do this and I need to do it properly. Even though I knew it was going to be hard, I knew I was going to feel and look better and thats all that mattered to me at that moment. It was from that point I became super strict with my eating, I recorded everything I ate for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, after noon snack and dinner, and that was when I lost my first bout of 7kgs. 

After a while I started to plateau, I wasn't losing anymore weight and I just started working at the gym. I was in my 3rd year of Human Movement and I had the knowledge to know, I needed to start exercising my body to change it again. I worked in the gym for three months before I got the confidence to start training there, I didn't have the motivation to train myself hard so, I trained with one of the personal trainers there, Simone Weeks who I now run 8 Weeks to Fit and Sexy with! She helped in so many ways to give me my confidence back and to make me feel comfortable in the gym. I then reset my goals and wrote them down again, I wanted to reach 65kgs for my 21st birthday. To do this I did three personal training sessions a week as well as three cardio sessions, making sure I had one day off. It was hard at times, but it paid off.

I got to 66kgs for my 21st (September 2012), which I was still happy with but I knew I didn't want to stop there. I slacked off a few weeks after my birthday and was fluctuating around 66-69kgs, I then reached that point again where I wanted to go hard at it and lose more weight again. I went strict with my diet and I trained hard mixing up between high intensity cardio and heavy weights which seemed to be working. I stuffed up so many times, I love food, and I crave bad foods all the time, who doesn't? This is what I struggle with the most! When I am being strict I would only allow myself to have one cheat meal a week, that includes alcohol, this was tough at this point as I was enjoying going out with my friends all the time! Even though I had moments that I stuffed up, I just had to start becoming consistent with my diet and exercise so I knew for a solid few months I had to have no stuff ups to achieve what I wanted to. 

I went a couple of months without drinking, I trained hard, I ate well and I enjoyed my cheat meals and on the 5th August (2013) I got down to 63kgs!!!! Since August I have got down to a further 61kgs but, I have slackened off as I had my birthday again, I have gone out and enjoyed myself for a few weeks and now I am ready to get back into it and get down to my final goal weight of 59kgs, making my weight loss a total of 20kgs which was originally my long term goal. 

Through this blog, I am now going to keep you all updated on these last few kilos I have to lose as I am now finding this last bout the hardest. I will document how I am going, how much I weigh, how I battle my weekends, I'll probably have a few stuff ups along the way but most of all I will attempt to get over them. Who knows if I will actually get to 59kgs but I'm going to give it a good go, I want to do it before December!

I weighed myself today and I am currently 62.5kgs, I enjoyed myself over the October long weekend but now I am going to make sure I feel good for Summer and hopefully can achieve this next goal! I hope a few of you also make a goal for the beginning of December so we can do this together! I'll keep you all updated on how I am going, food I eat and exercises I do along the way. Good luck for those of you who are also going to make a goal for December and, feel free to contact me at any time through my contact page if you need help achieving thisl!  

Georgie xx