1kg Until 20 In Total!! / by Georgie Thomas

I am back and I only have 1kg to go!


At the moment I am 1kg off being in the 59kgs which is my goal weight to losing 20 in total! I set this goal to be achieved by the beginning of the December so I am cutting it fine considering there is only one week left, but I am going to try my hardest!!



These last two months have been some of the hardest as I have had to juggle full time placement and study for Exercise Physiology, work at the gym, my personal training clients and 8 Weeks to Fit and Sexy. Since I last posted I was trying hard to focus on my eating as I wasn’t completing all of my cardio sessions, which was frustrating. I was still doing my two PT sessions during the week with Simone but I knew nothing was going to happen unless I was stricter with my food and doing cardio at least 3 times a week. Because of how busy I was, I was tired and became slack on the weekends, instead of having 1 cheat meal I would let myself have two and I had to break myself out of that cycle.


Two weeks ago I still weighed 62.5kgs and nothing was happening, I was extremely frustrated and exhausted. I knew I had to sit down with Simone to reset my thought process, get some support and discuss my eating, training and plan to reach my goal weight loss of 20kilos. Since that discussion and the support from Simone, I have jumped right back on track, I am focused, stricter than I ever have been with my eating and I have trained every day bringing me down to 60.5kgs and hopefully on my way to 59!!!


This week I am making sure I am prepared with my food and cooking in bulk so I don’t need to worry about preparing every meal as that can be time consuming. I will also make sure that I complete all my cardio sessions this week and train hard.  It has been in these last few stages that I have needed some extra support and motivation! No matter how much you know at times, it always helps to have someone give you the confidence to keep going or, to help you restart and focus again. That is what I hope to give all of my personal training clients as well as those who are doing 8 Weeks to Fit and Sexy. It is also why I still have my own trainer to push me and give me that support when I need it. Not everyone is perfect! 

I will get back to you all when I have reached the 20kg mark!!! Hopefully that is soon :) I will also post my recipe for my protein balls as they are perfect for a snack and taste amazing!! 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions through my contact page :)