I DID IT!! I Have Now Lost 20kgs. / by Georgie Thomas

Yesterday 30th November I reached my ultimate goal of losing 20kilos in total before the 1st of December!!!!! I could not believe it when I saw 59 pop up on the scales, I can not remember a time ever in my life that I have weighed this and I have never been happier. It goes to show that hard work and dedication does pay off and you CAN achieve your goals. Here is a photo of me when I weighed high 79's, 69 and now. 


The response I have received from everyone and the amount of support I have had especially in these last two weeks has been incredible and I thank you all so much.

Many people are now asking me, what am I going to do from here? To be honest, I want to learn how to maintain this weight and tone my stomach as that has been my problem area for so long! It was not until this last week that I have noticed a big difference in my stomach, it is amazing how quickly it can change by eating the right type of food and training each day. I still have not consumed any alcohol since my birthday in September and I don't plan to for another two weeks. For those of you who struggle to avoid this, I am telling you it makes such a big difference!! I know it is coming up to that time of the year where you have many functions on but if weight loss is your goal and you are serious about it, avoid drinking alcohol every week and only pick out special occasions that you will let your hair down. I am planning to do this for my work Christmas party at the races in two weeks time as it will also be my last day at uni forever so it is quite a special occasion for me. 

The plan for me now is to keep training like I am, especially because Christmas and New Years are approaching, I want to feel good for summer and not be scared to get into my bathers in front of people like I have been every other year. I am also now going to go on a shopping spree and I am not going to feel guilty about it haha! One thing I have found is that trying on clothes an realising you have dropped a size or two can be a real eye opener to yourself about how much you have changed. There was a point I was still picturing myself as a size 12 but as soon as my clothes sizes dropped, I started to actually realise, wow my body is changing! For the first time I am now fitting size 8's and it feels amazing!! 

Uni and placement are over in two weeks and I can not wait to spend more time with my bootcamp and personal training clients. I am absolutely loving helping others in their journey and I can not wait to see some more fantastic results from my clients. I look forward to see what next year will bring me! 

If any of you need help reaching your goals, please contact me through my contact page. 

Thank you everyone!!!