New Year, New You. / by Georgie Thomas

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and an even better New Years, I know I did but it is time to get back into the swing of things.  My aim over the holiday period was to maintain my weight, I did a great job over Christmas however, I let myself slip over New Years as I was away and enjoyed my trip with all of my amazing friends, with no worries in the world. It is very interesting how easy and quickly you can fall back into bad habits of eating bad foods, skipping meals and worst of all, skipping training! In saying this, it is understandable at this time of year, as you need to enjoy yourself, relax and have fun! However, it is time to re-focus, set new goals for the year and start making a difference!

I personally put on 2 kilos over the holiday period and this was expected as I haven’t trained properly for two weeks and I have eaten everything I have wanted to over the New Year period. I need a detox! My break was amazing and I needed it more than ever to recoup for what hopefully will be a big year ahead. It was great at the time eating amazing foods and relaxing however, my body is making me feel for it! I now have a real understanding of how foods affect your body. Although two kilos does not seem like much and realistically I know I will be back to my goal weight in 2-3 weeks, these bad foods including saturated fats and sugar have caused my stomach to bloat and change shape dramatically. This shows how important it is to eat the right type of food, especially if you want a flat and toned stomach! Not only do I feel a difference visually but on the inside as well! Last year I was diagnosed with a small hiatus hernia as my stomach is attached higher to my diaphragm than normal, causing me to have symptoms like an acidic stomach, reflux, burning in my chest and causing extreme discomfort at times. When I was eating clean, avoiding alcohol, drinking plenty of water and training each day my symptoms were relieved to the point I did not have to take my medication each day. However, after these last few weeks of the holiday period my symptoms have returned. I have a constant acidic stomach, reflux and I feel generally drained and unhealthy, motivating me even more to get back to my usual routine!


As of today I am following the same methods I did to get my weight down to 59kgs. I have set new goals for this year and I cannot wait to achieve them. I will be eating clean and avoiding all processed foods, sugar and saturated fats. Foods I will be increasing my intake of are protein and vegetables and I will be making sure I am eating the right TYPE of food at the right TIME of day. Personally I believe that your eating regime is the most important aspect of being healthy but HOW you train is also vital to achieving your goals. Therefore I have set myself a plan of what exercise I’m going to do on each day making sure I still give myself one day off to rest. I like knowing what exercise I need to do each day as it makes it easier to focus and harder to deviate.


I have missed my clients over the holiday period and I am looking forward to seeing you all so we can start planning and achieving your goals for 2014. I am also excited to meet those who will be joining me this year, I cannot wait to help you transform your life and become a better you! For those of you who have a new years resolution to lose weight, don’t be scared, just go for it and imagine how good your going to feel this time next year knowing you have achieved your goals. Find your motivation or inspiration and think of it each day to keep you going. I hope the year brings you everything you wish for and I cannot wait to see what is has in store!


Please feel free to contact me through my contact page if you have any questions. I will keep you all updated on my progress in the next few weeks J.


Georgie xx